Websites, in the social era, are getting useless. An Italian voice talent still can’t do without them.

I’ve always believed that, the more social we get on the web, the more a personal website gets out of date, abandoned to itself with a few information anyone can easily get from a personal social page on Fb, Ig, Ln… Talking with other italian voice talent, I changed my mind. An italian voice artist website, willing to collaborate with international partners, is definitely indispensable. A professional italian voiceover is an artist playing his own game in the market. Ok, there are lots of voice casting sites, hosting thousands demos from international voice overs. In those environments a voice talent is just one number or a little more. Sometimes you don’t feel properly represented, being among other voice talent whose “talent” you don’t trust. That’s the point: how make a website visible considering all the efforts that photographer, designers, copywriters made helping you to get to such a huge result? Without an effective SEO strategy (Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization), supported by a consistent content production activity, all your work may be useless, as far as nobody see it. There’s another point of view concerning a voice talent activity the professional community that move around the audio visual production workd need recent audio samples, significant case histories, new showcases. In this case, being “present” with all those informations on your site, helps the producer’s job and may let you get some business opportunities. If we only think that a website may help you geto new customers… well it’s a hard job, guys.

Availability is the key factor of a voice talent’s success. Being there when needed is crucial.

An italian voice talent website is important thanks to another aspect making it useful: being a fast and effective “contact gate” with more success chances if allowing to ask the voice artist to record in his home studio a free audition for the job. An Italian voiceover actor reveals the essence of his (or her) value, ready to answer to any request. Later in another article I will dedicate a focus on the home studio activity. Right now I am interested on how to make a reputation, a brand of a professional voice talent. None of us italian voice over artist can cheat about our abilities. It’s true that the voice is something that do not deteriorate, and it’s also true that it transforms, gets deeper, following our age. Collecting our most recent audio recordings in our new website, give us back transparency and true feeling. Young italian voice talents are not the only one requested by the market. There’s always a chance for a professional italian voiceover! the italian voiceover guy

From such premises comes my new website, dedicated to my passion on dubbing, voiceovering, for tv, and digital media. The site has a strong visual storytelling impact, thanks to Luca Santese’s pictures. Luca is one of the most important contemporary italian fotoreporters: he dedicated me a whole day, capturing some simple moments of my daily life, both in recording studio and in my private life. Huge space is given to audio samples as well, available from the home page.

The essence of being an actor shows me up as a witness of life. My momentum is about experience, authenticity. A friend, Gianluca Chinnici, NoEthicsNoBrand’s creative director, wrote the payoff “looks like his voice”. It’s the real me: Giacomo Zito, voice artist, for advertising and tv production. I am not looking for other labels: I am a dubber, actor, ready to offer my abilities in front of a mike. Honestly, with all my heart.

A news blog to discuss about voiceovering topics

In these days there’s much talk about a typical concentration time of people: from 8 to 13 seconds! I still stand surprised: nothing I wouldn’t expect, of course, however there’s much interest on in-depth contents. People want to come back to knowledge, deep understanding, discover what we have in common. It has been more than a year I’ve been working on, a podcast storytelling platform which became the most interesting in Italy, with a huge variety of titles and series. It allows me to verify that audience is interested on long form audios, to be enjoyed while driving or during a workout… That’s why I believe that a blog is worth the effort. Topics about italian voiceovers, radio presenters, best italian voice talents, are never too much: there’s never enough time and space to discuss about’em.

As I said at the beginning of this article, best italian voiceovers are stand-alone-artists, in this art individuality is the essence of competition. So welcome on my website, whatever you think about our magical world.

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