How I Work

Here’s how it works in my broadcast quality studio in Italy.

Studio has no extra charge – it’s included in my voice fee. It all starts with an email or phone call. A script and a quick talk about style, pace, delivery.
If you have video I can sync to it. If you want to attend the session we can do it by Source Connect, Skype or plain old telephone.

Often I get a brief by mail or phone and I self-direct.

I provide italian voiceover services worldwide; it doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always a simple way to work with us. If you need more than one voice, I can help you with an italian voice casting.
Turnaround time: is “right now” enough?

Retakes and fixes are included in the rate. What are you waiting for? Send me all your project’s details!

Italian voice talent, actor, dubber.