A training cours dedicated to all non-pro who want to improve their voice effectiveness.

You don’t have to be an italian voice talent to improve you vocal abilities in communication. With the support of two great italian voiceovers, you can easily reach that goal.

That’s definitely true, when italian voice actors put together their experience with life coach skills, bringing decades of voiceovering experience on the mike, giving advices and suggestions to improve the way we speak in public.. 

The idea simply came out from an encounter with Roberta Federici, coleague, actress, italian voice over talent who gives her voice, as I do, to the most important adv campaigns with her sensual and soft voice. Her degree in life coaching, together with my experience in the business world, deep understanding of complex dynamics inside the organizations, gave life a new training module dedicated to workers, professionals, managers, executives, engaged both internally and on field, in processes where communication is a key factor.

Nothing has been entrusted to the case: from the organization by Cast4, which provides classrooms and secretariat, to the provision of professional equipment for voice recording: a real, professional recording studio.

This aspect was making the real difference in this training course. Just like a voiceover, an italian voice talent, students found themselves in front of their voice, directly heard from the headsets. Certainly an unusual situation for people not used to interact trough audio equipment for the recording of advertising commercials. Just like a dancer in front of the mirror, the microphone is capable to give you back all the nuances that in everyday life you can’t appreciate, for different reasons, including the false perception we have of our own voices due to reflections of the space around us. I warmly invite you to try putting your hand close to your ears (like people who want to enhance listening capabilities) and you’ll discover a “new voice”. Your real one. Another reason why it is so important to train on a mike, is experimenting all the details of a voice and the various instrument you can get control with: tone, pace, pauses.

First of all it is all about knowing our vocal instrument, then we can start training it trhough technique – both me and Roberta have a huge amount of years experience – but most of all thanks to a self consciousness path able to give us the ability to connect with the true meaning of what we want to say, and which creates a proper climate of true listening, responsibility: which is the “Ability” to give “answers”.

Communicating requires at least two people, and the listening moment is as necessary as a good voice talking, to make what we want to communicate effective.

A teachers team who knows business dynamics and the value of personal commitment.

My business world experience comes from many years leading a communication agency, making storytelling the core of my business. Working with companies geve me the chance to understand how they behave and needs of those working in complex, big industries. Experts would call it “soft skill”. I am not so sure about it: I believe it is a knowledge which let our hard skills to better express. My experience put together another value: being an Italian voice artist, as well as a tv program voiceover: just like Roberta Federici, actress and voiceover, whose voice is still one of the most appreciated by the Italian Audiences, recognizable on national tv’s aside the most important brands. Roberta, thanks to her life coaching degree, brings one more value: being able to understand where “soul hitches” hides, preventing us to express “responsively”.

Putting together the ability of active listening with the techniques of an efficient voice communication, makes the training course a memorable experience, surprising us, as italian voice talents, for the appreciation given by the students.

The recording studio experience is a key factor of the training course “the ability of communicating”

Communicating is therefore an ability you can train. In front of a microphone you can achieve better results. The atmosphere of a recording studio, feeling like a radio host, a movie voiceover, a radio voice, gives you the feeling of deep connection with our souls, we undestand something about our personality we really didn’t know. Just like us teachers, who for those sixteen hours become life coach. Companies who are not able to desplace employees outside the company, we arranged a small recording studio with an effective and easy solution: bringing the recording studio straight to our clients. With a team of sound designers and a mobile technical setup, we arranged in small rooms different microphones, together with headphones, and all the voices of the students were recorded just like in a recording studio. Listening was very important to activate a self empowering path. True is the tools we give our students put them face to face with their voice. Nowadays everyone has the chance to interact with a Whatsap vocal and it means you have to be prepared, just like an Italian voiceover! The social dimension we’re living in, asks us to answer an important question: how much important is properly use our voice?

As we’re used to say: we’re more “on life” people than “on line”.

While the course was just being organized, we received request from two big companies: an Italian Oil&gas utility and an Insurance company. For more information about our “the ability of communicating” just drop me a line:


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