Best podcasts are the ones that let you “see” the story.

The listening of podcasts in Italy is deeply influenced by the visual medium. Get for example Netflix TV series. Today language has changed, the old video editing rules are no longer in use, respecting the historical and cultural setting of the stories is no longer a taboo. The new trend is mixing genres, contaminate inspirations, generate new tastes that feed on each other. This also applies to how italian voice talents are used, on dubbing podcast series. Following the chance of the production of the new series of Audible podcasts “Agatha Christie. Disappearance “, we decided to face those issues: we wanted to create something truly original, not only in content but above all in style. That’s why we decided to immerse ourselves into an experiment with one of the most innovative mediums, staying away from stereotypes, embracing as close as possible loose and modern interpretations by italian voiceovers and actors who have a huge experience in front of a microphone.

It will be called “Agatha Christie – Disappeared”, and is a series of fiction that tells a not very reknown moment in the life of the famous writer who has millions of passionate readers all over the world. The sudden disappearance of Agatha, for eleven days during which Christie was sought far and wide, causing public fear for her fate. From an idea of ​​Audible Originals, the series was commissioned to us, having myself in charge of voicing the main character. We initially thought to give the project aclassic storytelling structure. Narrative voice, etc.

But we immediately realized that, to be able to reach podcast listeners effectively, we would have had to “show” the story, rather than tell it. So it was. Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa took charge of the writing, we immersed ourselves in the events set in 1926 and a compelling story came out, told by the policeman who at the time took charge of the investigation to find the famous writer. That policeman, yes, he is interpreted with my acting voice. As I said at the beginning of the article, the methods of packaging a podcast are opened up to experimentation, the mixing of genres, breaking all the old rules of narration.

Valeria Perdonò is one of the voice over talent hired for the new Audible’s Show By Gliascoltabili

For the upcoming release of the new Audible podcast series, GliAscoltabili has hired the best italian voiceover actors

In addition to my voiceover, that of William Kenward, deputy chief of police of Surrey, there are many other italian voice actors and actresses, dubbers, actors that have ventured in the project. Theater and cinema actors, with whom I really enjoyed working with, well directed by Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa.

Starting with my rival, Charles Goddard, played by the deep and disturbing voice of Francesco Migliaccio, an expert and nuanced actor. His suggesting italian voice turned into that of an Anglo-Saxon policeman of the early twentieth century, direct and grumpy, with a great dose of irony. And yet the assistant of the deputy head, Tom Roberts, played by one of the emerging italian voice actors of the scene, Riccardo Buffonini, who has altered the crystal clear voice that characterizes him, to interpret his character even in old age.

In short, a parterre of famous voices that also includes several talented Italian actresses and dubbers. Roberta Federici, Maria Ariis, Valeria Perdonò, among all.

Sofia De Bartolomeis, producer together with Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa, author and director

Pace, electronic pads, modern editing: like Netflix, just audio in your headsets.

Take a bit of Peaky Blinders, add The Knick’s sauce, put a little bit of irony from Breaking Bad and mix it in a British twenties sauce. That’s the result, instead of passively watch television, anyone will enjoy on the move (by the way, what do you listen in the stucking traffic of these weeks that, is going to be worse as we get close to Christmas? ), doing other things like driving, running, cooking, going on public transport … listening to a podcast!

The podcast is literally transforming the way of enjoying content and thank goodness the famous italian voicetalents of advertising and dubbing have been hired.

The series will be published by Audible Originals, with which we started a truly special collaboration, thanks to the foresight of a management (Audible) who recognized the value of the mix of genres to engage different audiences. The Amazon audio platform, which already can rely on important italian voice actors for its productions, then adds to its catalog a fictional title capable of towing listeners to Christie’s audio books that Audible offers in great form.

The production of Audible galvanized us. Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa has developed subject and texts, producing an amazing work. He also directed it, supported by the production of Ilaria Villani, Sofia De Bartolomeis, and by the sound design of Francesco campeotto. The Listenables therefore sign an important title, putting themselves in the foreground as content producers designed through an innovative creation process.

GliAscoltabili, thanks to Audible’s partnership, become one of the leading podcast producers in Italy

Playing the protagonist of the series, William Kenward, a Surrey policeman completely overwhelmed by the Agatha Christie case, I really felt the responsibility of the task so much, that it is not only giving all my voice talent, but my soul, intention, direction to a project that, after GliAscoltabili’s great success of Demoni Urbani by Simone Spoladori, magnificently interpreted by the famous italian voice of Francesco Migliaccio, represents an important first time, as a reknown italian voice talent.

Shall we meet on Audible then, with Agatha Christie – Disappeared?